Jan Morris, Ph.D., CGP

Licensed Psychologist and Certified Group Psychotherapist

New Mothers: Help for Anxiety and Depression

“Being a mother comes about as naturally to me as being an astronaut.”Harriet Lerner, Ph.D., The Mother Dance What are the symptoms? Being a new mother can be one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences in life. However, many new mothers feel stress, loneliness, anxiety, and confusion. Fifty to eighty percent of new mothers suffer […]

Why Can’t I Stop Worrying?

What is generalized anxiety disorder? Why Can’t I Sop Worrying? Generalized anxiety disorder, or GAD, is characterized by chronic anxiety that persists for at least six months. People with GAD focus their worry on two or more stressful life circumstances (finances, relationships, health, school performance, etc.) most days during at least a six month period. […]

Am I Depressed?

What is depression? Clinical depression is a mood disorder characterized primarily by sadness or loss of pleasure or interest in most things. It appears to have a strong biological and genetic basis. An estimated 15 million Americans have suffered at least one major depressive episode. Depression occurs twice as often in women as in men. […]

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